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  The 12th AUPF was successful host in Malaysia
From October 7thto 9th, the 2013 Asian University Presidents Forum was successfully host in Malaysia.

This year's forum was hosted by UniMAP, with the theme of "Leadership in Asian Transition: Opportunities and Challenges". With its growing influence in Asia, the 12th AUPF has attracted presidents and representatives from over 70 universities of 22 Asian countries and regions.

In the Opening Ceremony on October 7th, Dr. Mahathir, former Malaysian Prime Minister, delivered a speech on "Transformation of Asian Institution of Higher Learning: Opportunities and Challenges".

On October 7th, AUPF participants joined the UniMap campus culture tour by participating in cultural activities and taking part in photo session at the AUPF theme park. On October 8th, presidents and scholars discussed and exchanged their opinions and ideas on the topics, such as the Asian Century and Asian Values, Reality and the Future of Asian Education, Promotion of Leadership and etc.

On October 9th, the AUPF Standing Committee meeting was held. At the meeting,after heated discussions, members of the Standing Committee reached the following resolution: Firstly, Membership access rules and systems shall be established; Secondly, "Together We Are" shall be adopted as the theme song of the Forum. Thirdly, an AUPF network should be established to facilitate resource sharing; Fourthly, The organization should link AUPF to other networks; Fifth, The Forum should develop and share remote network teaching; Sixth, projects such as Asian Summer Program are encouraged to be implemented; Seventh, efforts should be made to raise funds to support students involved activities; Eighth, it is decided that the Christian University of Thailand will host the 2014 AUPF and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies will host the 2015 AUPF.


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